The University Faculty Senate is delegated by the Board of Trustees to serve the academic needs of the entire University and to assist the Board in fulfillment of its responsibilities to maintain the integrity of the University’s academic program. 

The Board recognizes that faculty are the primary and preeminent contributors to the achievement of the educational mission of the University.  The Faculty Senate provides shared governance with administration in matters of educational policy and initiatives, and serves as the officially constituted agent to represent and promote faculty rights, responsibilities and aims for the purpose of furthering academic excellence and contributing to the long-term success of the University.

Members of the Senate are elected by faculty in their respective colleges, and each serve for a three-year term.  Officers are elected within Senate each academic year. The Faculty Senate meets every other week on Tuesdays during the spring and fall semesters, and the Chair and Vice-chair meet with the Provost every other week.

Faculty members serving for the 2021-2022 academic year include the following:

College of Architecture & Design
Ralph Nelson (Chair)
Steven Coy
College of Arts & Sciences
Shannon Timmons (Vice-chair)
LTUMazin Al-Hamando
College of Business and Information Technology
Pavlo Tsebro (Secretary)
Swati Verma
Yu Zhang
College of Engineering
Michael Lancina
Sabah Abro
Hamid Vejdani
George Pappas (Treasurer)


Chair: Ralph Nelson,
Vice-chair: Shannon Timmons,