Chapter 2 of the Faculty Handbook describes the policies for tenure and promotion at Lawrence Tech, as well as the expectations, rights, and responsibilities for faculty members holding tenure-track appointments.

The potential for tenure is available only to full-time faculty members serving in tenure eligible positions.

See LTU's Tenure and Promotion Processes document for complete information. Tenure applications and decisions must be made no later than the sixth year of full-time tenure-eligible service. Some tenure track faculty contracts include approved prior tenure service credit from prior institutions.

To be eligible for tenure, the faculty member must show promise of continued long-term productivity in all areas of evaluation. Participating in the tenure review process does not guarantee tenure, as awarding tenure is an exclusive responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

Midterm Tenure Review for Tenure-Track Faculty

Following the Strategic Plan initiative on Faculty development, each college must implement a mid-term tenure review for tenure track faculty members. This review must occur during the fourth year of employment. The mid-term review has two parts:

  1. The faculty member presents a portfolio of their achievements to an internal committee of the college for review, critique and advice. This could be one of the functions of the faculty council of the college.
  2. The department chair reviews with the faculty member the accomplishments and progress focusing on the criteria to apply for tenure. The faculty member is expected to ask for tenure at the end of the sixth year of employment.

Midterm Tenure Review processes for each of Lawrence Tech's four colleges are listed on this web page.