The Office of Institutional Research collects, analyzes and reports accurate and timely information in support of the University's mission, decision-making and strategic planning process. The IR Office also responds to requests for institutional data from local and federal agencies and other external organizations. In addition, we serve as the main source for data related to the University’s endeavors in the assessment of student learning.

The office reports directly to the Provost's Office.

IR team members.

Specifically, the staff of the Institutional Research Office assists the University by:

  • Compiling and reporting data related to enrollment, degrees conferred, graduation rates, and retention studies.
  • Responding to internal institutional data requests such as those needed for our accreditation agencies.
  • Coordinating and maintaining an active role in external reporting including a wide variety of survey responses to many publications.
  • Coordinating the distribution and analyzing the results of student and faculty surveys.
  • Conducting other ad hoc reports as approved by the Office of the Provost.

Questions regarding the Office of Institutional Research should be directed to Noreen Ferguson at