Faculty mentoring at Lawrence Tech consists minimally of a two-year process. The first year of a new faculty member’s experience at the University focuses on orientation to the University and development of professional working relationships with faculty colleagues and administrators. The orientation process begins at the University level with a new faculty orientation held in August and optionally in January.

In addition to collaboration between new faculty members and college administrative staff, the dean offers the services of a faculty mentor to each new faculty member. Faculty mentors should be full-time faculty members with three or more years of employment at Lawrence Tech, and must volunteer to be a mentor as a portion of their college or University service. Upon mutual agreement, mentor and mentee meet at least once each month to develop their relationship. The provost supports this relationship by funding one working lunch for mentor and mentee during the first academic year of their relationship.

During the second year of mentorship, mentor and mentee focus on professional and personal development of the new faculty member. The new faculty member may wish to retain their first-year mentor but are free to choose another mentor best suited to their professional aspirations. This deeper mentor/mentee relationship should be built upon a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, and shared scholarly and/or personal interests. The college dean may suggest potential mentors to new faculty members upon their request. Mentor and mentee should meet at least twice each semester, with the understanding that the relationship may be dissolved at any time.

Please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures for Faculty Mentoring document for more information.