Lawrence Tech's Academic Program Planning and Review (APPR) process ensures that each academic program is reviewed at least every three years. This collaborative process involves a department self-study, review by the Provost's Office, and a planning discussion between the Provost's Office, Dean's Office, department chair, and program director. The results of the APPR process support the University's annual budget process, the department's academic program development, and the University's enrollment management strategy.

The APPR repository is housed on a university google shared drive that is accessible by LTU faculty and staff through their university email and provides:

  • Lawrence Tech's APPR template, a Microsoft Word document containing the review questions and interpretive information
  • Comprehensive datasets prepared by the Office of Institutional Research containing demographic, enrollment, graduation, retention, and faculty information, plus an interpretive guide to the datasets
  • Completed APPR documents from prior rounds, including comments from the Provost's Office and College responses to those comments
  • A comprehensive schedule for future program reviews. 

 For more information on Lawrence Tech's APPR process, please contact Jim Jolly , Associate Vice President for Academic Administration.