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Green Chemistry: Preventing Waste and Pollution

Semester: Fall 2009

green chemistry

Guide: Dr. Shannon Timmons

Anna Vantsevich (chemistry) developed accessible laboratory experiments that can be imitated easily in a classroom environment to showcase the efficiency of green chemistry while lowering the use and generation of toxins. Anna performed experiments that explore the concepts of molecular modeling, solventless reactions, chemical kinetics, recrystallization, crystal engineering, and photochemistry. She then evaluated and compared these experiments using the 12 principles of green chemistry enumerated by Paul Anastas and John Warner in 1998.

These experiments demonstrated the value of the new field of green chemistry and the opportunity it offers as a career pathway for those who wish to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life.

"My Quest totally changed my choice of career. I now want to pursue green chemistry. My guide, Dr. Shannon Timmons, provided me with professional insights and the project expanded my expertise in the lab."
- Anna Vantsevich, BS in Chemistry, 2012

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