Project Information


Injectable Hydrogel in Orthopedic Applications

Semester: Fall 2009

Hydrogel quest program

Guide: Dr. Jeff Morrissette

Tristan Maerz (biomedical engineering) worked on an injectable, environmentally responsive hydrogel for the localized and sustained delivery of proteins aimed at encouraging the regeneration of fibrocartilagenous tissues. This work was performed in collaboration with the Orthopedic Research Laboratories and Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Beaumont Hospitals. The long term goal of the research is the repair of soft tissues such as cartilage. The project entailed the submission of a research proposal, extensive research on the use of hydrogels as drug-delivery media, vast project management, the chemistryintensive synthesis of the hydrogel, and the analysis of its effectiveness in an in vitro cell culture and an in vivo animal model.

"My Quest project gave me the opportunity to apply classroom and laboratory experience in a research setting. The combination of solitary and collaborative work provided valuable insight into how
research is conducted, and it properly prepared me for the beginning of my career."
-Tristan Maerz, BS in Biomedical Engineering, 2009, now a research engineer, Sports Medicine Research, Department of Orthopedic Research, William Beaumont Hospital

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