Project Information


World Masterpieces II Classroom Assistant

Semester: Fall 2009

world masterpieces class assistants

Guide: Dr. David Huntsperger

Andrea Freile (media communication) and Justin Vail (biomedical engineering) assisted David Huntsperger in his World Masterpieces II course. They completed the course's required reading, attended classes, provided assistance in writing and reading comprehension to students in the class, lead review sessions, and worked with the students to prepare for exams and papers. Through their Quest project, Andrea and Justin developed skills in leadership and communication along with increasing their knowledge of literature.

"What I love about Quest is that you can choose a project outside your major to have new experiences. Being a classroom assistant confirmed for me that teaching is not a career I would enjoy, but it did reinforce my passion for one-on-one tutoring. Having the opportunity to help teach a course while still in college was great."
- Andrea Freile, BS in Media Communication, 2010

"The Quest project allowed me to experience all of the things that go into being a professor. It showed me that it might be a future career choice for me."
- Justin Vail, BS in Biomedical Engineering, 2012

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