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Driving a Better Battery

Semester: Fall 2009

building a better battery

Guide: Dr. Adam Timmons, General Motors

Allie Sowa (environmental chemistry), John Camardese (chemistry), and Alexander Prescott (chemistry) used materials science to develop a better understanding of electrode materials for advanced lithium ion batteries under the supervision of General Motors researcher Adam Timmons and Lawrence Tech professor Anthony Sky. The students worked six hours a week at the General Motors Technical Center and/or at Lawrence Tech and two hours a week at home. Since the preparation of materials for the lithium-ion batteries and the conditions under which the batteries work affect both the durability and performance of the batteries, other Quest projects, involving electrochemical, structural/compositional, physical and surface characterizations, or any combination thereof, may result.

"I really like to see how things that we are learning in our classes can be applied to solving real-world problems. In my Quest project at GM, I tested out a possible career and earned what it is like to work in a corporate environment, which a lot of students don't experience until they graduate."
- Allie Sowa, BS in Environmental Chemistry, 2011

"Quest is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to work on projects at a level of independence generally available only to graduate students. I gained experience performing research under real-world conditions at the General Motors Technical Center. Quest helped me make career decisions and prepared me for that career."
- Alexander Prescott, BS in Chemistry, 2010

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