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Chinese Culture at Lawrence Tech

Semester: Fall 2009

 chinese culture at lawrence tech


 Guide: Prof. Karen Evans

Ze Cheng (math and computer science), Taojie Hua (business management), Weiyi Jiao (business management), and Yang Xu (business management) created a seminar series to introduce traditional Chinese culture to Lawrence Tech students. In four weekly sessions, they provided free Chinese food, taught basic Chinese conversation, and gave short lectures covering such topics as Kung-fu, regional cuisines, and their country's famous UNESCO World Heritage sites. After the lecture, the students explored and discussed the differences between Chinese and other world cultures in order to promote respect and understanding among students of diverse backgrounds. The students also utilized surveys and other assessment tools to plan and improve their work.

"Quest gave me a great opportunity to develop andimprove my leadership skills. I learned how to work as an effective team member, how to take action as a leader, and when to be a follower. Being a leader does not mean taking control of everything all the time. Knowing how to distribute work to everyone fairly and efficiently is a tough task as well. I also learned a lot about how to give a speech in English, which is a second language for me. My Quest project was a great chance to put into practice what I learned from my technical and professional communication courses. It helped me improve my communication skills."
- Weiyi Jiao, BS in Business Management, 2011

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