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Semester: Fall 2009

Webisodes - Quest
Students Scott Maiale, Courtney Bufalini, and Jeff Wolk

Guide: Prof. Suzanne Levine

Media communication students Scott Maiale, Courtney Bufalini, and Jeff Wolka developed a series of "webisodes" (short television shows created for the Internet) that document academic, professional, and social activities at Lawrence Technological University. The students procured the equipment necessary for each shoot, scouted locations, arranged and conducted interviews, filmed, edited, and posted the finished webisodes on YouTube. 

"I am participating in Quest because it is a way to put everything I learn in class to practical everyday use. My Quest project will further my education through hands on experiences to compliment what I've learned in my textbooks."
- Jeff Wolka, BS in Media Communication, 2011 

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