On February 14th (yes, it was our Valentine’s Day present), we saw the first pass of the design concept for the new TELSA Complex.  WOW!  It was breathtaking.  Then we hired a professional estimator to provide a budget view of the concept.  And, then we brought out the scalpels and erasers and faced some reality.

Unfortunately, reality doesn't come easy ... or quickly.  It took nearly six months (that’s right, I said six months) to whittle away at the costs and find a means by which we could cut out $8 million.  We were determined to maintain the program, salvage the design, and still maintain some modicum of tolerance for one another.  And, by golly we did it!  On August 15th, six months after the concept was submitted, we had closure.

We are still settling on some interior space location issues among the stakeholders.  In my next blog, I'll describe the 'who and what goes where' and give you a preview of the floor plans.

Who said architecture isn't fun!?