Release Date: September 29, 2016

National Endowment For The Arts Grant Award to LTU Detroit Studio


Professor Joongsub Kim has won the National Endowment for the Arts Grant Award (NEA) for his Detroit Studio project "West End Tapestry". This project will transform neglected Detroit parks into multipurpose bike stations through art, design, and community workshops. Through these workshops the studio will gather public input and work in collaboration with local community groups, businesses, artists, historians, and entrepreneurs. They plan to develop stations that will feature bike racks, art installations, maps, and more.

Project Title:
West End Tapestry: A project that transforms neglected Detroit parks into multipurpose bike stations through art, design, and community workshops.

Project Timeline:
June 2016 – August 2017

Grant Amount:
$50,000 (NEA grant + matching grants from various sources)

Project Description:
To support “West End Tapestry,” a project to design bike stations in neglected parks for West End, a historic, African-American Detroit community. The stations will serve as multi-purpose parks connecting neighborhood assets and promoting arts, history, entrepreneurship, health, and sustainability. Using community workshops, Lawrence Tech. University’s Detroit Studio will gather public input and prepare designs for the stations, in partnership with the W. Grand Blvd. Collaborative, a key community group, and with the Detroit Public Library, the Motown Museum, Henry Ford Hospital, artists, historians, entrepreneurs, and the Detroit Planning Dep. The stations will feature bike racks, art installations, gardens, reading-rest areas, recycling receptacles, maps (highlighting local history, bike routes, and entrepreneurship opportunities), rainwater collectors, and solar-powered lighting. This project will model creative, healthy, regenerative community development for other neighborhoods.

Project Director:
Joongsub Kim, PhD, AIA, AICP, Professor
Detroit Studio Community-based Program Director
Master of Urban Design Program Director

Project Inquiry:
Joongsub Kim

The Studio is housed at LTU’s DCDT (Detroit Center for Design and Technlogy) in midtown Detroit.

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