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Global Leadership and Management – A new master’s degree program in global leadership and management will help prepare tomorrow’s leaders in business and government for playing active roles in the global economy. Success will depend on the ability to think globally, manage worldwide operations and communicate effectively across cultures.(Aired March 12-16, 2007)

Global Leadership 1
Global Leadership 2
Global Leadership 3

Transportation Design – A new bachelor of science degree in transportation design blends design skills with knowledge of technological influences that impact the design of automobiles and other modes of transportation. The goal is to produce top-flight designers who also know how to communicate with engineers. (Aired March 5-9, 2007)

Transportation Design 1
Transportation Design 2
Transportation Design 3
Transportation Design 4

Alternative Energy - A new undergraduate minor or graduate certificate in energy engineering can provide mechanical engineers with more employment options as America looks for alternative energy sources to reduce its dependence on imported oil. Students learn about cutting-edge technology as they participate in research projects in the university’s alternative energy laboratory.  (Aired Feb. 26-March 2, 2007)

Alternative Energy 1
Alternative Energy 2
Alternative Energy 3
Alternative Energy 4

Center for Innovative Materials Research - Nabil Grace is leading several research projects at the Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR) on how carbon-fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) can be used to extend the lifespan of America’s bridges and highways. Lawrence Tech researchers also are working on Department of Defense grants to study how CFRPs can help protect our troops in the field.  (Aired Feb. 19-23, 2007)


Leadership Education - President Lewis N. Walker and Provost Maria Vaz have made leadership education a top priority at Lawrence Tech. The university is developing a leadership component for all four years of the core curriculum for a bachelor’s degree. All students will take on leadership roles during college so that they will be better prepared to assume leadership responsibilities in their careers and in their communities.  (Aired Feb. 12-16, 2007)

Leadership Education 1
Leadership Education 2
Leadership Education 3

Taubman Center - The A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, which opened in 2006, is a “living laboratory” of sustainable design and engineering. Lawrence Tech students are collecting and analyzing data from the 10,000-square-foot green roof, the 88 geothermal wells, and the bioswale in the adjacent quadrangle that helps reduce the volume and increase the purity of water runoff.  (Aired Feb. 5-9, 2007)

Taubman Center 1
Taubman Center 2
Taubman Center 3
Taubman Center 4

Solar Decathlon - Lawrence Tech is the only university in Michigan competing in the Solar Decathlon, an international competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy to be held in fall 2007 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The student team must design and build an 800-square-foot home that supports all its energy needs through solar power. (Aired Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2007)

Solar Decathlon 1
Solar Decathlon 2
Solar Decathlon 3
Solar Decathlon 4

Psychology - Matt Cole, director of the psychology program, explains why a bachelor of science degree in psychology opens up many career opportunities. The pre-med track can lead to med school or the pharmaceutical industry. The industrial/organizational track can lead to jobs in management and human resources, while the clinical track opens up job opportunities in schools, clinical care facilities and health organizations.  (Aired Jan. 22-26, 2007)

Psychology 1
Psychology 2
Psychology 3
Psychology 4

Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Biology - Professors Anthony Sky and Ronald Foster discuss the exciting career opportunities that await graduates of new degree programs in biomedical engineering and chemical biology. Sky, who chairs the Department of Natural Sciences, and Foster, the director of the biomedical engineering program, said the new degree programs are a response to exciting developments in the life sciences sector. (Aired Jan. 15-19, 2007)


Engineering & Biology 1
Engineering & Biology 2
Engineering & Biology 3
Engineering & Biology 4

Auto Industry Displacement - Lisa Kujawa, assistant provost for enrollment management, talks about how people who have been displaced in the auto industry can retool their careers by going back to school. Many workers can improve their marketability by using educational buyout programs to get a degree or a certificate in a specific area. (Aired Jan. 8-12, 2007)

Auto Industry Displacement 1
Auto Industry Displacement 2
Auto Industry Displacement 3
Auto Industry Displacement 4
Auto Industry Displacement 5

Media Communication Degree Program - Suzanne Levine, director of the Media Communication degree program, explains how the new bachelor’s degree emphasizes theory and ethics in addition to a hands-on understanding of media technology. A firm foundation in media communications will help graduates adapt quickly to new opportunities in a rapidly changing profession. (Aired Dec. 18-22, 2006)

Media Communication 1
Media Communication 2
Media Communication 3
Media Communication 4

Engineering Job Market - Kevin Finn, director of the Office of Career Services, reports on the continued strong demand in the job market for recent graduates with engineering degrees. Out-of-state recruiters have become more interested in Michigan engineering graduates, and even the auto industry needs new engineers. (Aired Dec. 11-15, 2006)

Engineering Job Market 1
Engineering Job Market 2
Engineering Job Market 3
Engineering Job Market 4

Energy and Environmental Management - Andy Gerhart, mechanical engineering professor, talks about the the new energy and environmental management certificate program. Students enrolled in the graduate-level three-credit course meet on Saturdays to gain in-depth knowledge of the field, through a combination of coursework, site visits, team projects and guest lectures. (Aired Nov. 14-18, 2005)

Alternative Energy 1
Alternative Energy 2
Alternative Energy 3
Alternative Energy 4

TARDEC Dynamometer Project - Suresh Bansal, director of Lawrence Tech's Automotive Engineering Institute, and Gus Khalil, engineer with the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center in Warren, talk about TARDEC's research contract to utilize the University's 4-wheel drive chassis dynamometer to test a military hybrid electric high-mobility vehicle. (Aired Nov. 7-11, 2005)

Dynamometer 1
Dynamometer 2
Dynamometer 3

Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Engineering students Stephen Boulanger and Mike Quaggiotto, and their project team advisor Andy Gerhart talk about their efforts to help Lear Corporation design a battery-less tire pressure monitoring system.  (Aired Dec. 13-17, 2004) 

Tire Pressuring Monitoring System 1
Tire Pressuring Monitoring System 2
Tire Pressuring Monitoring System 3
Tire Pressuring Monitoring System 4

Canoe Trip - Engineering students Mike Means, Adam Affholter, and Denise Janus, and Don Carpenter, civil engineering professor, discuss their plans for, and key learnings surrounding, a canoe trip this summer from Detroit to Pittsburgh in a replica 18th century canoe the students designed and are building. (Aired Dec. 6-10, 2004)

Canoe Trip 1
Canoe Trip 2
Canoe Trip 3
Canoe Trip 4

Recent Campus Innovations - Steve Ragan, vice president for university advancement, describes the growth in technology, programs and new buildings at Lawrence Tech over the past five years.  (Aired Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 2004)

Campus Innovations 1
Campus Innovations 2
Campus Innovations 3
Campus Innovations 4
Campus Innovations 5

Alternative Energy Student Projects - Robert Fletcher, director of Lawrence Tech's alternative energy program, and engineering students Elliott Schmitt and Kelly Dornoff talk about alternative energy projects. (Aired Nov. 15-19, 2004)

Alternative Energy 1
Alternative Energy 2
Alternative Energy 3
Alternative Energy 4

Monterrey Tech and Lawrence Tech - Steve Howell, chair of the mechanical engineering department, and Monterrey Tech student Juan Garcia, describe the educational partnership between the two universities. (Aired Nov. 1-5, 2004)

Global Engineering Program 1
Global Engineering Program 2
Global Engineering Program 3
Global Engineering Program 4

Architecture Awards - the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) deemed only one of 14 entries in the 2005 ASHRAE Student Design Competition worthy of an award. It was the educational dramatic arts studio designed by students Michael Oranchak and Keith Bryan.  Janice Means, faculty advisor to the project, and Oranchak describe how this competition and award prepare them for the real world. (Aired Oct. 25-29, 2004)

Architecture Award 1
Architecture Award 2
Architecture Award 3
Architecture Award 4

DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park - DTE Energy Project Engineer Bruce Whitney, and senior electrical engineering major Casey Long describe how Lawrence Tech students are assisting with this renewable energy project.

DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park 1
DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park 2
DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park 3
DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park 4

Robotics - David Bindschadler, chairman of the math and computer science department talks about World Robofest, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competitions and the increase application of robotics in vehicles and the home. Steve Kryskalla, computer science student explains his work programming a robotic dog to play a Robocup soccer game.

Robofest 1
Robofest 2
Robofest 3
Robofest 4
Robofest 5

University High School - Lawrence Tech collaborated with Ferndale Public Schools to launch an academy-style high school to prepare students for high-tech colleges and career pursuits. Extolling the benefits of this high-tech learning model are Steve Ragan, vice president for university advancement, Gary Meier, superintendent Ferndale Public Schools and David Ostberg, senior mechanical engineering major and an academy graduate.

High School 1
High School 2
High School 3
High School 4
High School 5
High School 6
High School 7