50 Days of Fitness comes to a close

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Hitting the treadmill at Ridler Field House helped Freshman David Stroshein lose 20 lbs.

By Josh Lance

Spring Break has come and gone, which means a whole new group of Lawrence Tech students has now completed the 50 Days of Fitness challenge.

One standout participant from the event was David Stroshein, who led the way by losing an incredible 20 pounds! Stroshein is a freshman at LTU who is currently training to run a 10k race. “I thought that doing the 50 Days of Fitness along with my 10k training would work very well. It was fun to have a program to follow,” said Stroshein.

The LTU Field House has held 50 Days of Fitness for the past four years as a way to motivate students and staff to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. The 50 days starts at the beginning of the spring semester and ends the last week of school before Spring Break. This way students going somewhere warm will have extra motivation to get the beach body that they want.

The program has participants track their workouts throughout the 50 days, whether it is running, weight lifting, biking, or anything else. They also keep track of their weight loss and body fat percentage. Prizes, which include gift cards, running shoes, sweatshirts, and more, are given to those who complete the program. Prizes are a big reason why many students sign up. Incentive help make working out a fun event.

Stroshein found that following the program helped to make working out more enjoyable. The incentive to win a prize and the requirement to log all of his workouts made it very easy for him to stick to his workout plan. “50 Days of Fitness was worth it and more people should take part in the program,” he said.

Will Dyer, who directs the program, was very pleased with the turnout this year. He believes a big reason that so many people participated was to compete against their friends and try to earn a prize. He also tries to emphasize the most important part of the program is making sure that participants are able to incorporate fitness into their daily lives and have fun while doing it.

Dyer helps set up many students with fitness plans, and personally helped Stroshein throughout the 50 days by giving him workouts and setting goals for him. He was very proud of Stroshein saying, “I did not think anyone would lose that much, the most we've seen is 5-12 pounds lost and body fat percentages go down, but losing 20 pounds is an amazing thing!”

After the success of this year’s 50 Days of Fitness, it is sure that the program will be back next year, hopefully with an even bigger turnout.


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