Two students bring L-Book back to life

Release Date: November 20, 2015

Jessica Hatfield and Jess Moon look at L-Books from the past. They produced the 2014-15 edition, which is in the foreground.

The L Book, the annual yearbook produced by Lawrence Tech students, was a time-honored tradition that fell by the wayside almost 30 years ago. Now it has come back to life, thanks primarily to the efforts of just two students, Jessica Hatfield and Jess Moon.

It used to take at least half a dozen students to assemble a college yearbook, but digital technology has made many of the tasks much simpler. Hundreds of hours of work have been eliminated, but providing snapshots of campus life for an entire year is still a daunting task.

Moon, who is a graphic design major, handled the layout. Hatfield, a civil engineering and architecture student, did most of the organizing and writing. Michelle Parnin took group photos when they were needed.

“With the L-Book you can see the transition of student life down through the years,” Hatfield said. “We want to leave the same kind of history, and it’s important to see it through the students’ eyes.”

Bringing back the L-Book has been one of the goals of Student Government, which provided funding for the project. “Through the L-Book we honor and archive the best moments of LTU,” Student Government President Gjergji Prendi said. “These moments do not just represent events, teams, and organizations, but also the spirit of LTU.”

Student Government started on a small scale by printing 25 copies of the 2014-15 year, and the goal is to make many more available for the 2015-16 year.

Phil Lucas, a former Student Government president who is now a student engagement coordinator, is also supporting the effort.


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