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Lawrence Tech relaunches Recovery Starts Here training program for displaced workers

Release Date: March 13, 2019

During the last recession in 2007-09, Lawrence Technological University launched Recovery Starts Here, a program for hundreds of displaced workers that included scholarships, new academic programs to prepare students for a changing global market, and personally focused career services.

Now, the university is once again taking steps to help those in Michigan who are seeking re-training.

Virinder Moudgil, president of Lawrence Tech, announced the launch of Recovery Starts Here Version II, a program for Michigan residents who might be facing a restructuring or layoff from their employers, and who want to retool, retrain or attain additional skills that will push them toward a new career or move them forward in their current career.

The university is offering tuition benefits to individual employees who want support and might not have it with their current employer.

The university is also offering support to employers that do not currently offer tuition reimbursement to employees by providing:

  • Funds for their employees to retrain or retool
  • Funds for cohorts of employees that the company wants to re-focus or expand skill sets
  • Funds and program development for cohorts to be trained at employer sites

Lawrence Technological University has a history of educating adults part time, both where they work or at its Southfield campus.

LTU will collaborate with any industry that wants to provide professional development for their employees, both for credit and non-credit. And the university will work with individual professionals who need financial and moral support to move forward in their careers.

The university has a variety of cohort programs that can be customized for employers, and offers flexible classes to ensure adults can complete their educational goals sooner rather than later. LTU’s partners currently include employers in the private sector, non-profits, institutions, and government.

For additional information on the Recovery Starts Here Version II, contact Lisa R. Kujawa, LTU assistant provost for enrollment management, at (248) 204-2403 or lkujawa@ltu.edu.


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