LTU recognizes employees for years of service

Release Date: September 25, 2015
Kathryn Charles, President Emeritus Richard Marburger, Dennis Marburger and President Virinder Moudgil

The guest of honor at this year's service recognition lunch was President Emeritus Richard Marburger, who celebrated his 50th anniversary with Lawrence Tech. With him in the photo are his children, Dennis Marburger and Kathryn Charles, and LTU President Virinder Moudgil.

Every year Lawrence Tech faculty, staff, and administrators gather to recognize the contributions of employees who are celebrating five-year anniversaries of service to the University. This year’s ceremony was held on Sept. 24 in the Architecture Building auditorium, followed by lunch in the gallery.

This year’s recipients are listed below with photos of those who attended the ceremony:

Five Years of Service

Back row (L-R), Patrick Nelson, Kun Hua, Susan Henson, Thomas Glennan, Michelle Butkovich, Douglas Mitchell; middle row, Deirdre Hennebury, Don Gillette, Beth Swantek, Philip Olivier, Jason Hammond; front row, Nawal Abbas, Liping Liu, Selin Arslin, President Moudgil.

Five Years

Nawal Abbas, Humanities
Adrienne Aluzzo, Library
Selin Arslan, Mechanical Engineering
Brian Baker, Art & Design
Cynthia Balcom, Humanities
Ahmad Bass, Natural Sciences
Ben Blau, Technology Engineering
Aaron Blendowski, Art & Design
Leslie Boyd-Keeler, Admissions
Warren Browne, Management
Michelle Butkovich, Business Services
Mark Farlow, eLearning Services
Justin Ferguson, Architecture
Don Gillette, Student Recreation
Thomas Glennan, Humanities
Janice Grant, eLearning Services
Jason, Hammond, Engineering Technology
Deirdre Hennebury, Architecture
Susan Henson, Civil Engineering
Ross Hoekstra, Architecture
Kun Hua, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Roberto Huacuja, Art & Design
Aaron Jones, Art & Design
Liping Liu, Mechanical Engineering
Hafiz Malik, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Eric Meyer, Biomedical Engineering
Douglas, Mitchell, Art & Design
Mohamed, Nasser, Mechanical Engineering
Patrick Nelson, Math & Computer Science
Ralph Nelson, Architecture
Philip Olivier, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Joseph Palazzolo, Art & Design
Brian Podczervinski, Natural Sciences
Roop Raj, Humanities
Lior Shamir, Math & Computer Science
Mirit Shamir, Undergrad Business Management
Steve Sobolak, Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Sprague, IT Service Delivery
Beth Swantek, Humanities
Yin Wang, Math & Computer Science
Margaret Wong, Art & Design

10 Years of Service

Back row (L-R), Guang-Chong Zhu, Hans Mills, Filza Walters; middle row, William Kleist, Michael Livermore, Elizabeth Welch, Martin Schwartz; front row, Lusine Hambardzumyan, Cynthia McMichael, Mina Jena, President Moudgil.

10 Years
Kenneth Crutcher, Architecture
Giuseppe DeRose, Mechanical Engineering
Lusine Hambardzumyan, Student Affairs
Vance Hanna, Art & Design
Minakhi Jena, Management
Elizabeth Keslacy, Architecture
Bill Kleist, Art & Design
Stanley Kurek, Campus Safety & Mail Services
Michael Livermore, IT Service Delivery
Michael Livernois, Civil Engineering
Malinda Mansour, Humanities
Thomas Marx, Management
Cynthia McMichael, Student Affairs
Hans Mills, Math & Computer Science
Hsiao-Ping Moore, Arts & Sciences Dean
Keith Phillips, Art & Design
Michael Rosen, Math & Computer Science
Martin Schwartz, Architecture
Filza Walters, Architectural Engineering
Libby Welch, Art & Design
Brian Williams, Natural Sciences
Guang-Chong, Zhu, Math & Computer Science

15 Years of Service

Back row (L-R), Starlett Sinclair, Peter Lichomski, Ghassan Azar, Serhat Eren; middle row, Jamie Hobart, Jane McBride, Norm Plant, and Joongsub Kim; front row, Melinda Weinstein, Deborah Przybylo, Rosemary Hartzer, President Moudgil.

15 Years
Athanasios Alexandris, eLearning Services
Kussiy Alyass, Math & Computer Science
Ghassan Azar, Math & Computer Science
Donald Carpenter, Civil Engineering
James Chasse, Management
Serhat Eren, eLearning Services
Rosemary Hartzer, Business Services
Jamie Hobart, Humanities
Joongsub Kim, Architecture
Peter Lichomski, Art & Design
Jane McBride, Art & Design
Norman Plant, Media Services
Deborah Przybylo, Provost’s Office
Chris Riedel, Mechanical Engineering
Peter Schihl, Mechanical Engineering
Starlett Sinclair, Human Resources
Melinda Weinstein, Humanities

20 Years of Service

Alan Hall, Patricia Castelli, Len DiLaura, Marcus Hoedeman, President Moudgil.

20 Years
Patricia Castelli, Management
Len DiLaura, Art & Design
Alan Hall, Architecture
Marcus Hoedeman, IT Service Delivery
Roger Pawlowski, Mechanical Engineering

25 Years of Service

Daw Al-Werfalli with President Moudgil.

25 Years

Daw Al-Werfalli, Mechanical Engineering


30 Year of Service

(L-R) Charlton Hunt, Pamela Lowry, Badih Jawad, President Moudgil.

30 Years

Charlton Hunt, Campus Safety & Mail Services
Badih Jawad, Mechanical Engineering
Pamela Lowry, Math & Computer Science


35 Years of Service

(L-R) Benedetto Tiseo, Douglass Koch, President Moudgil.

35 Years

Douglass Koch, Humanities
Benedetto Tiseo, Architecture







40 Years of Service

Gary Cocozzoli, President Moudgil.

40 years
Gary Cocozzoli, Library
Deborah Faes, Marketing & Public Affairs

50 years
Richard Marburger, President Emeritus



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