Research Day provides forum for LTU accomplishments

Release Date: April 21, 2014

Associate Professor Chris Cartwright discusses his research project with librarian Gretchen Weiner during the poster presentations for the 2014 Research Day.

Lawrence Technological University’s second annual Research Day on April 4 embraced the culture of interdisciplinary research. Sponsored by the Research Support Services Committee (RSSC) and the Office of the Provost, this year’s Research Day was made possible through a generous corporate sponsorship from Johnson Controls.

Culminating with the Presidential Colloquium invited keynote address by Professor Donald Carpenter of the Department of Civil Engineering, Research Day showcased 26 oral presentations and 22 poster presentations by faculty and students from all four colleges.

“Research Day and the Presidential Colloquium are important milestones for the growth of Lawrence Tech,” Provost Maria Vaz said. “These events support President Moudgil’s emphasis on basic and applied research and demonstrate that scholarship and teaching are mutually sustaining endeavors. I was very happy to see such a wide range of presentations during the 2014 Research Day, with graduate students representing about 30 percent of the presentations, and undergraduate students (along with their faculty research mentors) accounting for about 20 percent.”

Research Day was produced by the RSSC co-chairs, Assistant Professor Matthew Cole of the College of Management and Professor Joongsub Kim of the College of Architecture and Design.

“The mission of Research Day is to provide faculty and students with a public forum for presenting scholarly activity each year. We designed Research Day to have the feel of an informal brown bag seminar within the structure of a professional conference,” Cole said.

As with other professional conferences, Research Day presents an invited keynote address by a distinguished scholar. At Lawrence Tech, the keynote address occurs during the Presidential Colloquium. Carpenter was chosen by the president, provost, deans, and the previous keynote speakers – in this case, Professor Jacqueline Stavros of the College of Management, who gave the inaugural keynote address in 2013.

“The colloquium platform is a mechanism to celebrate and recognize outstanding faculty for their accomplishments and professional contributions,” President Virinder Moudgil said.

Carpenter is an accredited green design professional (LEED AP) and practicing professional engineer (PE) whose expertise includes low impact development (LID), innovative stormwater best management practices (BMPs), sustainability, stormwater modeling and design, and field data collection for performance monitoring.

As founding director of the Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute at Lawrence Tech, he conducts research on stormwater BMPs and advises communities on how to implement innovative stormwater management practices.

He received the Lawrence Tech 2014 Teaching and Learning Using Technology Award for his stormwater education efforts associated with the Low Impact Development Tour he has developed on Lawrence Tech’s campus, complete with QR codes for real-time learning, a virtual tour online at, and an accompanying book that is used in K-12 Education. As a researcher, he has authored over 90 peer-reviewed manuscripts, secured over $5 million in external research funding, and has presented his research on five continents.

In his presentation, “My Research Path – A 13-year Retrospective,” Carpenter walked the audience through the steps he took to secure his first funding for research projects. He explained how he has built on past successes to win funding for several major programs and research projects in multiple academic fields.

Professor Donald Carpenter (center) - keynote speaker

Professor Donald Carpenter (center) was honored as the keynote speaker at this year's Presidential Colloquium by Provost Maria Vaz and President Virinder Moudgil.

Visit the RSSC website,, for more information on Research Day and research at Lawrence Tech.


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