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BME 2020 Grads Make PPE at General Motors-Warren

Release Date: July 6, 2020
Biomedical Engineering graduates of the Class of 2020, Haley Fenn, Mackenzie McGough and Katja Nuler, are putting their BME skills to work making Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at the repurposed General Motors Transmission Operations plant in Warren, Michigan to help stop the spread of COVID19.

"On average I weld together roughly 1,600 masks in a night. The record my shift has made in one night was 41,900 masks and we try to beat it every night. Working for GM during this pandemic has taught me so much. I am so happy I am getting the manufacturing experience with a medical device on the production line." 

Haley Fenn, LTU '20

The BME Department congratulates our alumni on finding a way to combat the pandemic using their skills. We are proud of their commitment as Biomedical Engineers to serve the public good.


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