Press Start Spotlight: Bioshock Infinite

Release Date: April 15, 2013

Box art for Bioshock Infinite.

I am awestruck. Very rarely does a video game come around with a story and content so engrossing that I am left utterly spellbound. Yet, without a second thought, I can say that Irrational Games has developed one such product in the form of Bioshock Infinite. It’s taking the entire gaming community by storm, and already has countless players captivated worldwide. This is “2013 Game of the Year” quality right here– and the year’s not even one-third over.

Gameplay is a slightly less important aspect contributing to this game’s tremendous success, but it’s still executed impeccably. We have another expertly crafted first-person shooter on our hands. Controls are solid, using weapons and Vigor powers is a snap, and the munitions at your disposal are all nice and varied. FPS connoisseurs couldn’t ask for much more.

The production value of Bioshock Infinite is through the roof. It makes the game stand head and shoulders over anything I’ve played in a long time. I am left flabbergasted as I only venture to guess how much time and effort was spent in constructing the world in which the narrative takes place. The “faux-idyllic utopia” of Columbia feels like an actual, living, breathing environment thanks to some of the most immersive audio and graphics I have encountered. Bioshock Infinite made me start to appreciate a video game for not only being a source of ubiquitous entertainment, but also for being a reputable work of art.

And speaking of art, the story in the game is nothing short of a masterpiece. You’ll constantly want to push onward, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the floating city in the sky. The main characters are remarkably riveting, and you’ll become thoroughly invested in their escapades. All the while, you’ll be pondering what has actually gone wrong with this city. Is it as ideal as some of its citizens make it out to be? What dastardly secrets are being hidden? What are characters’ true motives? All of these questions and so many more can spawn in the players’ minds as they play, further contributing to the inability to put the controller down. For me, nothing hits a game out of the park quite like an awesome story, and Bioshock Infinite delivers an out-and-out grand slam.

I feel it necessary to also point out the fact that this game contains no multiplayer content. In a day and age where it seems like ninety percent of game companies feel some inexplicable urge to add multiplayer modes to a game that doesn’t seem to be begging for it, it is a breath of fresh air to see a game that can hold itself up solely on a single-player experience. No people yelling at you over the Internet, no level-80 aficionados raining on your parade every five seconds – just you, the game, and the vast, imaginative world within. I am not bashing multiplayer as a concept; I just love it when a game comes along that proves it’s not a requirement.

Bioshock Infinite is not something to be missed. Every gamer out there simply owes it to themselves to give it a try. Now, I am incapable of believing any game can be perfect, but this is pretty dang close. We’re dealing with the Gone with the Wind of video games here, folks.


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