Rouge Rescue comes to LTU campus

Release Date: June 9, 2015
University High School Academy

LTU student Louise Brasil and staffer Davey McConnell (on the right) joined volunteers from University High School Academy to clear trash from the Rouge River tributary on campus during the annual Rouge Rescue event.

Friends of the Rouge (FOTR) held its annual Rouge Rescue event on May 30, and for the first time the Rouge tributary on Lawrence Technological University’s campus was included.

 Students from University High School Academy in Southfield, LTU students and staff, and community residents – 14 in all – volunteered their time and filled 10 trash bags with garbage that was collected in the vicinity of the walking bridge connecting LTU’s campus to its athletic fields. The Rouge tributary runs through campus from the Northwestern Highway service drive to Ten Mile Road.

 “It was great to see and be involved with having many different members of our community come together on campus for the common goal of keeping this local waterway clean,” said Davey McConnell, LTU’s student engagement coordinator who helped organize the event on campus.

 FOTR, which is based in Dearborn, has been running the Rouge Rescue since 1986, and this year the event was held at more than 30 sites along the river. Gloves, trash bags, and t-shirts were provided to all volunteers by FOTR, which hosts many volunteer events throughout the spring, summer, and fall to keep the waterway safe and clean.

 LTU athletic teams and other LTU students have made it their own mission to clean up the river and surrounding areas on campus at least once a year.

 For more information about FOTR, visit:


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