Some activities to look forward to in the summer!

Release Date: April 5, 2014

Don't forget to visit the giraffes at the Detroit Zoo.

By Ashley Rogoff

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all itching to enjoy some free time and that warm sun! Since we’re all so busy during the school year, it’s time to start planning how to spend a little money from that summer job and let yourself have some fun.

• Cedar Point – With the roller coaster capital of the world being so close to us, you have to take advantage of it! They have some of the best coasters in the world, and it’s a great day trip to get away from everything.
• Mackinac Island – Enjoy the sun and the beautiful Great Lakes scenery on Mackinac Island. Lots to do for a weekend trip with family or friends. Enjoy the outdoors!
• Tigers Game – Cheer on our Tigers and grab a refreshing drink with your friends. Make sure to wear your jerseys and other Tigers gear to show off your Detroit spirit! Then grab some good food while you’re downtown.
• Kensington Park – There’s so much to do at this state park a short drive away! Tanning on the beach, kayaking, horseback riding, or eating a nice picnic! Go on a Friday night with your friends to start off a fun weekend!
• Detroit Zoo: Everyone should go to the zoo at least once every summer. Everyone enjoys the zoo! And don’t forget to feed the giraffes; it’s the best part! All the other animals are fun to see, too.


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