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BMES Webinar Hosted by Aharon Wayne

Release Date: May 26, 2021
Ahron Wayne, MSBME '20, is hosting an Interactive Webinar Workshop "3D Modeling in TinkerCAD for Engineers" for the national Biomedical Engineering Society. Computer-aided design, or 3D CAD, has become one of the backbones behind the digital manufacturing revolution. Combined with 3D printing, CAD enables industries, universities, and even hobbyists to create a digital mock-up of an idea and then produce a physical manifestation of it in just hours. And yet, standard CAD software like Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Fusion360 can be both expensive and have an intimidatingly steep learning curve. Luckily, there is an alternative for those who wish to build 3D models, but not become CAD specialists: TinkerCAD, originally designed for children, is free, works through any web browser, and is astonishingly intuitive to use. In this workshop, you will learn about what TinkerCAD can and cannot do, how to get started, and some best practices for using it to produce 3D-printable models with tight tolerances.



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