Five resources on campus every student should know about

Release Date: March 17, 2014
library.29.web.jpgNew carpeting and other amenities have made the Lawrence Tech Library a better place to study, and new resources are now available.

By Ashley Rogoff

Part of the college experience is learning how to take advantage of the resources that are available to you.

Students can enhance their college experience, save themselves a lot of time, and avoid stress and aggravation by tapping into the resources and services that LTU offers. Be on the lookout for new services that will make your life easier.

Here’s a list of five resources that shouldn’t be overlooked:

1. Printers – All black and white prints are FREE! Take advantage of this and don’t waste your own ink at home. Some of the printers you can even use with your phone. If you have problems with the printers, take your laptop to the Help Desk.
2. Leadership Office – If you like volunteering, this is the place you need to visit! They have plenty of resources for you to volunteer for anything and anywhere! Also, check out the study abroad programs while you’re in there, too!
3. Clinical Counseling – We all have our share of hard times in college. Know that there are counselors FREE for students at school. If you need to speak to one, head to C405 to make an appointment.
4. Career Services – This department can offer a lot for your future. They can look over your resume, show you job offers online with CareerQuest, and schedule mock interviews.
5. Library – The library offers a great place to study. If you don’t want to grab a table, you can reserve a room for friends or your study group. They also offer a lot of educational resources online.


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