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Survey of graduates shows the power of a Lawrence Tech degree

Release Date: July 5, 2016


SOUTHFIELD – Even as they graduated, members of Lawrence Technological University’s Class of 2016 were already making their mark in science, engineering, architecture, design, and business.

A survey from the University’s Office of Career Services showed that as of Commencement May 7, nearly 88 percent of graduates had found employment, or were headed for more advanced degrees.

The overall “success rate” – defined as graduates who had found employment, or were starting their own businesses, going to graduate school, or into government service such as the armed forces or the Peace Corps – was 87.7 percent for the 415 eligible graduates surveyed. That’s up from an 82.3 percent success rate for the Class of 2015.

The undergraduate success rate for 2016 was 84.4 percent, while the graduate student success rate was 91.2 percent.

LTU’s survey also asked the salary those who had found employment would receive. The mean overall salary in the survey was $56.560. For those receiving undergraduate degrees, the mean salary was $48.986; for those receiving graduate degrees, it was $63,548. The Brookings Institution recently ranked LTU fifth in the nation for providing the most value added in preparing graduates for well-paying jobs.

“Employers really value our graduates,” said Margaret “Peg” Pierce, LTU’s Director of Career Services. “We hear it from employers all the time, that when they hire someone from Lawrence Tech, it’s someone they can really get behind. It’s also a good economy right now, we know that, and our students have a lot of opportunity in engineering. But construction, design, architecture, and business are all growing, and our students are very much in demand in those industries as well.”

And LTU President Virinder Moudgil said: “A college education is a major investment for families, and these numbers show that prospective students and parents can be confident that when it comes to Lawrence Tech, that investment is a sound one.”


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