Web manager wins Mary Ann Marcum Customer Service Award

Release Date: November 3, 2014
Mary Ann Marcum Customer Service Award

Frank Marcum (L) and LTU President Virinder Moudgil present the Mary Ann Marcum Customer Service Award to Christian Forrest.

Christian Forrest, manager of web services in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations, has won the Mary Ann Marcum Customer Service Award for fall 2014.

The bi-annual Mary Ann Marcum Award is presented to LTU employees who provide their customers (co-workers, students, etc.) with quality service and assistance. They are consistently responsive to questions, return phone calls, make special efforts to fill requests, and are helpful and courteous.

This award is made possible by a generous gift by Frank Marcum in the memory of his late wife, Mary Ann, an LTU alumna and a former University employee. The award comes with a $1,000 stipend.

Along with his primary responsibility for website design, Forrest interacts with any department that has a presence on the University’s website by training content managers, providing on-the spot updates, and addressing troubleshooting concerns at all hours of the day and night.

“Christian’s commitment to the University, its various departments and programs, and ultimately its students might often go unnoticed as much of it is behind the scenes. However, his efforts as webmaster help create the digital face of Lawrence Tech, the first point of contact for many prospective Lawrence Tech students, and an invaluable resource for current students, faculty, staff and alumni,” said Interim Vice President for Advancement Dennis Howie, who coordinates the Marcum Award program.

The nominations were reviewed by a committee consisting of the past winners of the Marcum Award. Forrest received nominations from several different departments across the campus. Comments included:

• “Christian has as many clients as there are employees of the University. It is a daunting task to meet the needs of so many people with so many competing demands, but Christian does it with unflagging good humor.”
• “Christian is a very approachable colleague who has a great ability to take a complex process and break it down to a manageable level of knowledge for even the most un-“techie” minds.”
• “There is ‘doing the job,’ which he obviously excels at, but he takes that a step further and asks, ‘How can I make it easier to do your job?’ Everyone is busy, but it is individuals like this that make my position easier to succeed [in].”
• “He truly cares about his work and I have been able to call him with emergencies, and he is always assuring, kind and professional, even when he’s slammed.”
• “Mr. Forrest has spent lots of time training me and my student assistant in learning the website development tools and website styles. He has never refused our immediate requests, even when he was busy on other issues.”

Also nominated for the Fall Award were Wasim Bukati, Mina Jena, Zathan B., Aubriex Cason, Chris Riedel, Kate Roy, Marilyn Wiseman, Steve Bridge, Tracy Kash, Aaron Sprague, and Marilyn Hotaling.


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