Release Date: February 17, 2014

Recent grad debuts 'Nocturnal Love' at LTU


Charles Kennedy

By Ashley Rogoff

Charles Kennedy, writer and filmmaker, is screening his short film, “Nocturnal Love,” this Friday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m. at Lawrence Technological University. He started writing the first draft last January, set it down for about five months, and then picked it up again to make it his senior project.

Leading roles in the movie are played by Lauren Allen, Eric Kraus, David Faes, Amanda Sweet, and Cat Menzies.

Kennedy, who graduated last year with a bachelor’s degree in media communication, was not into film when he first came to Lawrence Tech. His love for the art came from the 48-hour film challenge. This is where a team creates an entire short film in 48 hours to compete for prizes.

Kennedy’s biggest inspiration now is Christopher Nolan. Seeing the movie, “Inception,” was really where his passion for film took off. “Part of the structure for ‘Nocturnal Love’ is very much inspired by Christopher Nolan. I think he’s a genius,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has taken part in 23 films so far. He wrote or co-wrote 11 of them. He can’t say that he saw himself grow at one particular thing through the years at Lawrence Tech. But he feels filmmaking brought him out of his comfort zone and now he is more comfortable taking risks with his work.

“Nocturnal Love” took eight months to produce. Kennedy is very excited to have this particular piece as his senior project. It taught him a lot of things that he can use when he does his next project, which he hopes will be a feature film. This piece was chosen over others because Kennedy wanted to leave college with a bang and he knew that this story was better structured than others he had.

“I think this film if nothing else shows that I can come up with a high-concept idea, which is very encouraging to me. Hopefully one day I will look back on this and say it was the turning point in my career as a filmmaker because I honestly feel that way. I’m leaving this process better than when it started and I think whatever I do next will be leaps and bounds better than this one,” he said.

The screening is open to the public and will take place on Friday, Feb. 21, at 7 p.m. If you want to find what “Nocturnal Love” is all about, come watch it with the cast and crew. This is a Lawrence Tech-sponsored event. There will be free admission and popcorn. Everything will be going down in A200. After the debut of “Nocturnal Love,” there will be a screening of “Silver Linings Playbook.”

I encourage you all to come. This is an opportunity to support a fellow classmate and to see what kind of art can come from Lawrence Tech.

Members of the cast include:

• Lauren Allen as LINDSAY
• Eric Kraus as ANDREW
• David Faes as ADAM
• Amanda Sweet as NATALIE
• Cat Menzies as NICOLE
• Charles Kennedy as CHRIS
• Colin Messing as PROFESSOR
• Michael Lewis as CARICATURE ARTIST


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