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LTU business honor fraternity inducts 52 students

Release Date: April 18, 2016

 Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society

Lawrence Technological University inducted 52 students into the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business at the honor fraternity’s third annual induction banquet Saturday evening on campus.

Also given honorary induction was an alumnus with a sterling track record in money management, Matthew F. Sauer, BSHu’84, and LTU President Emeritus Richard E. Marburger.

Bahman Mirshab, dean of the LTU College of Management, served as presiding officer for the event.

LTU Provost Maria Vaz reminded the inductees that “you are role models, you are examples for other students in the College of Management.” She asked the inductees to mentor two younger students in their areas of study in order to foster excellence at LTU in the years ahead.

Sauer serves as portfolio manager at Lateef Investment Management LP. After graduation from LTU, he earned an MBA at Duke University. Earlier in his career, he held positions with increasing responsibility at Ariel Investments LLC, EQ Advisors Trust, Oak Value Trust, Old Kent Bank and Trust, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

In a message to inductees, Sauer mentioned the College of Management’s unique position as “a business school attached to an engineering and science school like Lawrence Tech.” He said that in science and engineering, “there is a lot of truth, a lot of formulas. And a lot of times in the business school we want to borrow from those formulas. Unfortunately, in business, we don’t have the same certainties as science. In business you introduce the human element and human emotion into things, so what looks like a formula on a piece of paper has some problems going forward.”

There are times when business and science meet, though: Sauer pointed out that the business world’s Black-Scholes Formula for valuing stock options “is borrowed from thermodynamics – it’s a heat diffusion partial differential equation.” However, he said that unlike a heat transfer formula, the value of investments is also influenced by all the forces of emotion that influence the markets.

So, he told the inductees: “Continue to think about the things you learned here. Spend as much time thinking about the things you learned outside your business classes as you do about the things you learned in your business classes. I think that will serve you very well.”

Marburger earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at Wayne State University and spent 17 years at General Motors before joining LTU’s adjunct faculty in 1965 and full time faculty in 1969. He led the College of Arts and Sciences and served as vice president of academic affairs before serving as LTU’s fourth president from 1977 to 1993. His initiatives at LTU included the first campuswide distribution of computers to students, and fundraising and construction of the Buell Management Building and Ridler Fieldhouse, as well as a major addition to LTU’s Engineering Building. He also launched LTU’s first major capital campaign, led the school’s return to graduate education, and oversaw the name change from Lawrence Institute of Technology to Lawrence Technological University in 1989.

In a message he called “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star,” Marburger told inductees that he views Lawrence Tech as “a premier focused university, serving as an essential counterpart to the many sprawling universities in the American university landscape.” He said LTU is uniquely “capable of producing literate and able leaders, well versed in STEM and STEAM, who are able to lead the world out of many of its current dilemmas. These people are problem solvers.”

He also credited LTU with leading the charge toward global education, using as examples Vaz, Mirshab, and Hsiao-Ping Moore, dean of LTU’s College of Arts and Sciences: “all of them are not only Americans but citizens of the world, because they all came from overseas. LTU is already global.”

Nu Alpha Chapter of Delta Mu Delta

The following people were inducted into the Nu Alpha Chapter of Delta Mu Delta:

Doctoral inductees: Lori Marsee Kuehn, Mark F. Tate, Michael Charles Thibideau.

Graduate Inductees: Sai Praveen Akula, Ola Ali AlMoulem, Sadiq AlMoulem, Norah S. Alshihri, Andrew David Arvo, Michelle Marie Butkavich, James Anthony Davis II, Yair Jaziel Figueroa Alvarez, Rebecca Rae Franke, Ashli, Lakefia Hankerson, Jasmine S. Hubbel, Aifya Khan, Rodolfo Limas, Colleen Leslie Murphy, Miriam Ifunanyachukwu Onuotu, Bhavika K. Patel, Maryellen Louis, Przybylinski, Charles E. Roe, Shannon Schwerin, Valerie Michelle Scott, Michael Bruno Selvaraj, Orlando Silva Perez, Jennifer Renee Solcz, Michael S. Talamonti, Gayatri Tanneeru, Katherine Tait Webster, Tim Zielonka.

Undergraduate inductees: Ammar Alahdal, Anas Abdulrahman Ahmad Alghamdi, Fatimah M. Almusaid, Mohamed Awad Alolagy, Taylor Marie Chuhran, Tyler Dennis DeMeere, Hannah Marie Gauthier, Ana Hernandez Munt, Tyler William Holt, Hannah Louise Huff, Gregory Jacek, Matthew Phillip Kern, Aleksander Joseph Kuhn, Kevin J. Laverty, Alex Thomas Lozser, Robert Campbell Miller, Maryam Mousa, Jacob Frederick Mullin, Jeremy Ryan Nafus, Lori Ann Northam, Nicole Lynn Propst, Garret Daniel Smith.


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