Release Date: July 7, 2014

Southfield Police commend LTU Campus Safety officer

Lawrence Technological University Campus Safety Sgt. Joseph Dubrosky has been awarded a civilian commendation for outstanding service from the Southfield Police Department in recognition of his prompt response to a potentially dangerous situation in May.

Dubrosky helped the Southfield Police Department locate a vehicle believed to be operated by someone who was suicidal. On May 26 the police put out a suicidal/missing person alert for the driver of a vehicle they were unable to find. Dubrosky observed the vehicle driving through the LTU campus and notified the police about its direction of travel. The Southfield Police were able to take the person into custody for observation and evaluation at Providence Hospital.

The civilian commendation said that Dubrosky’s “quick and decisive actions contributed to the successful conclusion of this potentially devastating event and led to the saving of a human life.”

Dubrosky, who is the afternoon shift supervisor for LTU Campus Safety, has 28 years of service at the University and two previous letters of recognition for meritorious service. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from LTU.


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