Faculty-Staff Campaign meets financial goal

Release Date: March 11, 2013

 Faculty & Staff
Leaders of the Faculty-Staff Campaign who attended the kick-off meeting were (L-R) Diane Sobania, Lisa Kujawa, Noreen Ferguson, Tracy Kash Thomas, Louise Garrett, Marilyn Hotaling, and Joyce McKissen.

The Lawrence Technological University Faculty-Staff Campaign wrapped up on Feb. 28 with donations of $127,214.56 – slightly more than the goal of $125,000.

Participation was 49 percent for full-time faculty and staff, and 30 percent overall.

Below all of the contributors are listed by department or college:

Mrs. Jane Franko, Admissions

Ms. Jane Rohrback, Admissions

Ms. Karen Sadanowicz, Admissions

Mr., Mariano Scibilia, Admissions

Ms. Diane Sobania, Admissions

Mrs. Nicole Stojov, Admissions

Mrs. Kristi Webster, Admissions

Prof. James Abernethy, Architecture & Design

Mr. William Allen, Architecture & Design

Prof. Constance Bodurow, Architecture & Design

Mr. Jason Colon, Architecture & Design

Mr. Steven Coy, Architecture & Design

Mr. Paul Dannels, Architecture & Design

Ms. Amy Deines, Architecture & Design

Prof. Daniel Faoro, Architecture & Design

Dr. Jin Feng, Architecture & Design

Mr. Ronald Herzog, Architecture & Design

Ms., Mary Johnson, Architecture & Design

Mr. Paul Johnson, Architecture & Design

Dr. Joongsub Kim, Architecture & Design

Ms. B. Diane Lammers, Architecture & Design

Ms. Janice Means, Architecture & Design

Mr. Ronald Muccioli, Architecture & Design

Mr. Ralph Nunez, Architecture & Design

Mr. Edward Orlowski, Architecture & Design

Mr. Brian Raymond, Architecture & Design

Prof. Steven Rost, Architecture & Design

Ms. Gayle Schaeff, Architecture & Design

Mr. Clifford Scholz, Architecture & Design

Mr. Ben Tiseo, Architecture & Design

Mr. Clyde Wilson, Architecture & Design

Ms. Alexzandria Barnard, Architecture & Design – Deans Office

Ms. Sallie Ilg, Architecture & Design – Deans Office

Mr. Glen LeRoy, Architecture & Design – Deans Office

Mrs. Kathryn Roy, Architecture & Design – Deans Office

Mr. Joseph Veryser, Architecture & Design – Deans Office

Prof. Glen Bauer, Arts & Sciences – Deans Office

Dr. Hsiao-Ping Moore, Arts & Sciences – Deans Office

Mrs. Tracy Thomas, Arts & Sciences – Deans Office

Mr. Jason Barrett, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Mr. John Conner, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Mr. Richard Dengate, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Mr. Louis, Finkelman, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Ms. Jody Gaber, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Ms. Holly Helterhoff, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Mrs. Joyce McKissen, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Mr. Keith Nagara, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Dr. Melinda Phillips, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Ms. Corinne Stavish, Arts & Sciences – Humanities

Dr. Chan-Jin (CJ) Chung, Arts & Sciences – Math/CS

Prof. Ruth Favro, Arts & Sciences – Math/CS

Dr. Pamela Lowry, Arts & Sciences – Math/CS

Prof. Michael Merscher, Arts & Sciences – Math/CS

Prof. Atallah Turfe, Arts & Sciences – Math/CS

Mr. Keith Bozin, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Dr. Jerry Crist, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Dr. Walter Dean, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Mr. Jeffery Morrissette, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Prof., Marilyn Rands, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Dr. Shannon Timmons, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Dr. Valentina Tobos, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Mrs. Sandra Yarema, Arts & Sciences – Natural Sciences

Mrs. Michelle Butkovich, Business Services

Ms. Rosemary Hartzer, Business Services

Ms. Karen Miller, Business Services

Mr. Grant Wenzinger, Business Services

Mrs. Starlett Sinclair, Business Services – Human Resources

Mrs. Lorana Stewart, Business Services – Human Resources

Ms. Radesha Williams, Business Services – Human Resources

Mr. William Bridgeforth, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Harry Butler, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Joey Dillard, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Joseph Dubrosky, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Colton Gorence, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Will Hughes, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Charlton Hunt, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Ms. Rhonda Jackson, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Bruce Johnstone, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Colin Koran, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Stanley Kurek, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mrs. Andrea Landrum, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Brent Landrum, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Leon Lucas, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Derrick Massey, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Timothy Robinson, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. Christopher Spencer, Campus Safety & Mail Services

Mr. James Jolly, Leadership Programs

Dr. Elin Jensen, Engineering

Ms. Filza Walters, Engineering

Mr. Nishantha Bandara, Engineering – Civil

Dr. Donald Carpenter, Engineering – Civil

Ms. Kathleen Gilman, Engineering – Civil

Mr. Keith Kowalkowski, Engineering – Civil

Mr. Michael Livernois, Engineering – Civil

Mr. John Tocco, Engineering – Civil

Dr. Edmund Yuen, Engineering – Civil

Prof. Lewis Frasch, Engineering – Deans Office

Dr. Nabil Grace, Engineering – Deans Office

Ms. Lisa Anneberg, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Prof. Joseph Asik, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Ms. Rekiyatou Dobbins, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Dr. Yawen Li, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Dr. Eric Meyer, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Ms., Martha Thompson, Engineering – Electrical & Computer

Dr. Ahad Ali, Engineering – Mechanical

Dr. Andrew Gerhart, Engineering – Mechanical

Prof. James Kerns, Engineering – Mechanical

Dr. Giscard Kfoury, Engineering – Mechanical

Dr. Liping Liu, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr. Thomas Mullin, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr. James Mynderse, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr. Donald Reimer, Engineering – Mechanical

Dr. Chris Riedel, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr., Mark Schmidt, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr. John Williams, Engineering – Mechanical

Dr. Kingman Yee, Engineering – Mechanical

Mr. Kenneth Cook, Engineering – Technology

Mr. Gerald Cuper, Engineering – Technology

Mr. Anthony Kelso, Engineering – Technology

Dr. Patricia Shamamy, Engineering – Technology

Mr. James Swain, Engineering – Technology

Ms. Linda Height, Finance & Administration

Mrs. Judith Wray, Finance & Administration

Ms. Nicole Deaver, Financial Aid

Mrs. Sherry Holt-Campbell, Financial Aid

Ms. Delores King, Financial Aid

Ms. Angela Bawcum, IT Service Delivery

Mr. Timothy Chavis, IT Service Delivery

Ms. Adrienne Aluzzo, Library

Mr. Gary Cocozzoli, Library

Ms. Sheila Gaddie, Library

Ms., Marilyn Hotaling, Library

Ms. Barbara Jackson, Library

Ms. Catherine Phillips, Library

Ms., Mary Power, Library

Ms. Gretchen Young-Weiner, Library

Ms. Natalie Zebula, Library

Dr. Richard Bush, LTU Online

Ms. Diane Cairns, LTU Online

Mr., Mark Farlow, LTU Online

Prof. Janice Grant, LTU Online

Mr. Alan Hall, LTU Online

Ms. Virginia Kirkwood, LTU Online

Dr. Gerald Lindman, LTU Online

Ms. Lynn Miller-Wietecha, LTU Online

Mr. James Chasse, Management

Miss Amanda Falkenbury, Management

Dr. Vernon Hoffner, Management

Dr. Anne Kohnke, Management

Ms. Donna Kress, Management

Dr. Bahman Mirshab, Management

Dr. Srikant Raghavan, Management

Dr. Nadia Shuayto, Management

Dr. Annette Steenkamp, Management

Ms. Jill Niemi, Management – Dean’s Office

Dr. Jacqueline Stavros, Management – Dean’s Office

Ms. Anne Adamus, Marketing & Public Affairs

Mr. Bruce Annett, Marketing & Public Affairs

Mrs. Deborah Faes, Marketing & Public Affairs

Mr. Christian Forrest, Marketing & Public Affairs

Ms. Sofia Lulgjuraj, Marketing & Public Affairs

Ms. Sharon MacDonell, Marketing & Public Affairs

Ms. Tracy McGhee, Marketing & Public Affairs

Mr. Eric Pope, Marketing & Public Affairs

Ms., Margaret, English, President’s Office

Ms. Louise Garrett, President’s Office

Dr. Virinder Moudgil, President’s Office

Mr. Larry Chesnutt, Provost/Institutional Research

Mrs. Katherine Jolly, Provost’s Office

Ms. Lisa Kujawa, Provost’s Office

Dr. Al McCord, Provost’s Office

Ms. Deborah Przybylo, Provost’s Office

Dr., Maria Vaz, Provost’s Office

Mrs. Noreen Ferguson, Registrar’s Office

Ms. Jessica Greenwald, Registrar’s Office

Ms. Elisabeth St. Thomas, Registrar’s Office

Mrs. Jennifer Wrobel, Registrar’s Office

Mr. Kevin, Finn, Student Affairs

Mrs. Dorette Frontera, Student Affairs – Deans Office

Mrs. Joyce Genat, Student Affairs – Deans Office

Ms. Lusine Hambardzumyan, Student Affairs – Deans Office

Ms. Cyndi McMichael, Student Affairs – International, Program

Ms. Kalie Wale, Student Affairs – International, Program

Mr. Scott Trudeau, Student Affairs -, Student Recreation

Mrs. Tamara Braswell, Student Affairs/University Housing

Ms. Kimberly Osantowski, Student Affairs/University Housing

Mrs. Alice Avedisian, University Advancement

Mr. Stephen Brown, University Advancement

Mr. Mark Brucki, University Advancement

Mrs. Deborah Farina, University Advancement

Mr. Dennis Howie, University Advancement

Mrs. Robin Leclerc, University Advancement

Ms. Julie Vulaj, University Advancement

Dr. Lewis Walker, University Advancement

Ms. Angeline Zelenak, University Advancement


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