Release Date: March 5, 2013

Engineering students teach English in China

Civil engineering student Sarah Dare and biomedical engineering student Olesya Motovylak joined a Lawrence Tech group that taught American culture and English to seventh-graders in the Chinese city of Tongxiang about two hours outside Shanghai.

Every year the Office of Leadership Programs offers Lawrence Tech students the opportunity to teach in China during the summer break through a partnership with the Council on China Exchange.

“The experience makes you more open to diversity and gives you a greater appreciation of all the different places around the world,” Motovylak said. “It gets you out of your bubble.”

At first Motovylak and Dare had a lot of trouble in communicating with their students. But they made changes to the PowerPoint lessons they had prepared and found other ways to overcome the language barrier.

“It improves your communication skills,” Motovylak said. “At first I wasn’t comfortable with it, but it was fun.”


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