Release Date: August 14, 2014

Reimer talks about entrepreneurial education in India


Former LTU Dean of Engineering Devdas Shetty and LTU’s Don Reimer (center) were speakers at a workshop and symposium on creative product design held at Chandigarh University in India in July. At left is Satbir Singh Sehgal, dean of research in Chandigarh University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, and at right is the university's registrar, D.S.Cheema.

Lawrence Technological University faculty member Don Reimer was a principal speaker at the International Workshop and Symposium on Creative Product Design hosted by Chandigarh University in the state of Punjab in India in July.

Reimer is a lecturer in the A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering and associate director of LTU’s entrepreneurship program. His presentation focused on the entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking.

Chandigarh University is a relatively new private institution with approximately 10,000 students that has been recognized as one of the fastest growing in Asia. Nearly 500 students, faculty, administrators, and industry representatives attended the event, and General Motors and Isuzu were represented.

“The conference provided an opportunity to present and discuss the entrepreneurial mindset in the engineering discipline,” Reimer said. “I was able to meet with faculty and students to discuss the LTU approach to using active-and-collaborative and problem-based learning in the delivery of our courses.”

Another speaker was Devdas Shetty, the former dean of LTU’s College of Engineering and now dean of the College of Engineering of the University of the District of Columbia. Shetty recommended Reimer as a speaker because of his extensive background in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.

“Personally, I really believe that the exposure to the Indian culture and people has helped me. I have several Indian students in my courses who encouraged me to visit India, and it was a wonderful experience,” Reimer said.


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