Architectural engineering student wins essay contest

Release Date: February 4, 2013
Steel Award

Breanne May was recognized for winning a scholarship essay contest about structural engineering at a Jan. 30 ceremony. With her are (L-R) Steel Joist Institute Managing Director Ken Charles, Dean of Engineering Nabil Grace, and Albert Kahn Associates Senior Vice President Alan Cobb.

Breanne May, a fourth-year student in the five-year master’s degree program in architectural engineering at Lawrence Technological University, has won a $2,000 scholarship from the Steel Joist Institute for winning an essay contest about structural engineering and the use of steel in construction.

The scholarship money came with an award received by Albert Kahn Associates Inc. of Detroit for its innovative steel joist design in the East English Village Preparatory Academy High School in Detroit. Kahn won the annual award in the “unique application” category, which was judged on flexibility, speed of construction, value, and aesthetics.

Kahn designated the scholarship for a student in LTU’s architectural engineering program. Coincidentally, May has worked at Kahn as an intern.

“Advances in steel fabrication technology have taken design to a whole new level and have provided abundant opportunities in designing great structures out of steel. It now has the ability to be bent, sculpted, punched and stretched, giving architects the ability to expand their artistic expression,” May wrote in her essay.


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