"World Usability Day" in Detroit

Release Date: December 6, 2013
On Thursday, November 14th, Tom Glennan represented the Technical and Professional Communication graduate program at "World Usability Day" in Detroit. With the assistance of Associate Provost Lisa Kujawa, the event was co-sponsored by LTU's MSTPC program and Quicken Loans. It was co-organized and co-presented by the Southeastern Michigan chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC/SM), Michigan CHI (Computer-Human Interface), and UxPA (the User Experience Professional Association). The topic for discussion was how to design and implement websites and web pages for maximum usability and user-friendliness, including the integration of email and web links as part of the overall online experience.
Representing LTU, Tom welcomed the participants  and introduced himelf as an adjunct professor at LTU who teaches technical communication, and also as a graduate of the program and a member of the advisory board. He reviewed briefly the content and requirements of both the degree and certificate programs, and specifically mentioned our courses in web design, social media and the online experience, to highlight the sort of things in which the audience would be especially interested .He invited people to stop by LTU's table after the presentation. Many participants spoke with Tom, took materials and learned more about the MSTPC program.


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