Release Date: January 15, 2013

Megan Ziegler (MCO '12) wins Genevieve Dooley Award

megan.pngThe Genevieve Dooley award was established in 1979 by Humanities alumna Christine Blackwell (BS HUM ’78).  Ms. Genevieve Dooley was Lawrence Tech’s registrar, business officer, and bookkeeper from 1932 to 1968.   A neighbor of Ms. Blackwell’s, Ms. Dooley was instrumental in encouraging Christine to go to LTU and to stay at LTU when Christine found the pressures of working and going to college overwhelming.  Ms. Blackwell is now an accomplished executive at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, as well as an independent journalist.  When she found out that funding for the award had run out and that the award had not been delivered for several years, she immediately sent in a check to reinstate the award.

We are grateful to Ms. Blackwell for her generous donation, and we are pleased to announce the 2012 winner of the Genevieve Dooley Award for outstanding student in the Humanities Department:

Media Communication major Megan Ziegler.

As her advisor, Prof. Jody Gaber notes, “Megan has been a passionate, focused, involved, talented, dedicated, and inspired student her four years at LTU.” She has been deeply involved not only in her studies, but in volunteer and service activities at the university as well.  A valued employee at the one-stop center, and e-learning services, she also mentored first year students, established a “Circle K” group on campus, and served on SPAM (Students Planning Activities Monthly). An impressive intern at Fox 2, she wrote a number of Public Service Announcements and made several “Made in Michigan” commercial packages.  Megan also worked with the Chair of Humanities, Melinda Phillips, in the design and distribution of specialized T-shirts for majors in the department.

Along with a certificate, the award comes with a $250 check.  Megan’s name will also be inscribed on a plaque in the HSSC office.

Congratulations Megan!


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