Lawrence Tech signs agreement with Chinese university

Release Date: May 6, 2013


Lawrence Technological University (LTU) Provost Maria Vaz and Xue ke Luo, vice president of Northern China University of Technology (NCUT), sign an agreement to bring Chinese students to LTU to complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree in architecture or interior design. Attending the April 30 signing ceremony are (L-R in the back row) Ali Barnard, marketing and support manager for LTU’s College of Architecture and Design; Nabil Grace, dean of LTU’s College of Engineering; Amy Deines, chair of LTU’s Department of Art and Design; LTU Assistant Professor Kun Hua; and Congpeng Zhang and Yongchang Zhang of NCUT.

Congpeng Lawrence Technological University (LTU) and North China University of Technology (NCUT) in Beijing have signed agreements to enable Chinese students to earn master’s degrees from LTU in architecture or interior design.

The agreements were signed on April 30 at LTU’s campus in Southfield by LTU Provost Maria Vaz and NCUT Vice President Xue ke Luo.

Under the first agreement, Chinese architecture students will come to LTU for their fifth and final year of study for a bachelor’s degree. LTU credits will count toward the completion of their bachelor’s degree at NCUT. Graduates of that program will then be eligible to complete the master’s degree program in architecture at LTU in an additional year.

Under the second agreement, students in environmental design at NCUT can come to LTU after either two or three years of study. After completing their remaining coursework at LTU, the students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree from NCUT. Those students will then be eligible to earn a master’s degree from LTU in interior design upon completion of 39 credit hours.

“These two agreements extend the reach of our master’s degree programs in architecture and interior design, which already enjoy a good reputation in China,” Vaz said. “North China University of Technology is well known for the high quality of its students, and we look forward to welcoming more Chinese students to our campus.”

According to Vaz, the two universities plan to extend the agreement to cover degree programs in LTU’s College of Engineering. “We have started a conversation to accomplish that goal soon,” she said.

All courses at LTU are taught in English, and the Chinese students must satisfy the English language requirements at LTU or else enroll in English language preparation classes.

These agreements may require approval from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges and the appropriate government authorities in the People’s Republic of China.

Lawrence Tech already has agreements with several other Chinese universities for student and faculty exchanges.


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