LTU student reaches finals of British design contest

Release Date: September 16, 2013

LTU honor student Brett Tripp finished in the top 12 in an international design competition based in the United Kingdom.

LTU third-year architecture student Brett Tripp was a finalist in a worldwide design competition held by Shaderlight, a major 3D rendering software company based in the United Kingdom. 

Entrants were asked to create an image of the “Royal Nursery.” The images had to be created using Shaderlight, a well-known interactive 3D rendering plug-in for Sketchup. Three judges gave marks for innovation, technical skill, and quality of the final image. 

The top 12 images, chosen from submissions from around the world, were announced Sept. 4. Tripp’s entry made the final cut and his image appears seventh at


“The main challenge for this design contest was trying to incorporate as many British royalty touches without it being overwhelming,” Tripp said. “I think the contest was just a fun way for designers to showcase their talents.”

He hopes his success will encourage other LTU students to participate in the contest next year.


A transfer student from Henry Ford Community College who grew up in Westland and now lives in Canton, Tripp works as a 3D designer for Todd’s Services in nearby Hamburg. He also does commercial design through his own business, Tripp Design.


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