Release Date: February 28, 2013

LTU students propose projects for Port Huron's river walk

LTU graduate students Hassan Zayat (L) and Azubike Ononye won the top prizes in a master plan contest in Port Huron.

Ten LTU graduate students – two in urban design and eight in architecture – developed master plan proposals for a variety of projects involving the Black River Walk in Port Huron as part of their work for an advanced design studio taught by Adjunct Professor Celeste Novak.

The graduate students were invited to participate in a contest funded by The Blue Water Young Professionals, which was looking for proposals for using the river walk space along the north bank of the Black River.

At this point there isn’t any funding in place to do what the LTU students are proposing, but the civic group wants the master plan proposals to provide inspiration for future developments in the city.

Azubike Ononye won first prize of $700 for his proposal to cut in half the historic Port Huron train bridge and convert it into a restaurant. His proposal for using parts of the train bridge is timely because there’s a controversial proposal from the Port Huron Yacht Club to demolish the historic structure. The Army Corps of Engineers has set a public comment period on the application for a demolition permit.

Hassan Zayat won second prize of $500 for his proposal for a marina and learning center; Matt Galbraith won the third prize of $300 for the work he did on site planning and research. Other proposals included a health and fitness center, restaurants, an outdoor amphitheater, expanded public transportation, expanded residential loft space, and public kayaks and Segways.


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