Release Date: April 11, 2014

Community garden coming to LTU!


LTU Community Garden committee members (L-R) Adrienne Aluzzo, Ed Orlowski, and Cathy Phillips plan to grow kale, carrots, and other vegetables and herbs on campus this year.

May is fast approaching and the LTU Community Garden Committee is gearing up to plant the first-ever LTU Community Garden. The garden will be situated outside the Architecture Resource Center (A131). We will be planting vegetables and herbs for Community Garden workers and LTU students.

Funds for the start-up were generously donated by LTU President Virinder Moudgil and Linda Height, vice president of finance and administration. We will also benefit from the wisdom and resources of Professor Donald Carpenter.

The committee members are Adrienne Aluzzo, Donald Carpenter, Joe Veryser, Cynthia Simpson, Cathy Phillips, Joyce Genat, Carey Valentine, Matt Maracle, Ed Orlowski, and Linda Height.

The committee is looking for volunteers to help keep the garden going over the spring and summer. We would love to hear from interested faculty, staff, and students who enjoy playing in the dirt!

Please contact Adrienne Aluzzo, or ext. 2821 for more information.

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