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Digital Marketing

The digital marketing team utilizes a multifaceted strategy aimed to target, reach out to, and build relationships with audiences online, across a broad range of channels. The digital marketing team employs a wide variety of different tactics, strategies, and online tools to help to expand the LTU brand.


Creative Design

LTU’s brand helps set the University apart from competitors. It establishes the look, feel, and voice of LTU. Hundreds of brochures, posters, flyers, banners and postcards are created annually.

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Content Writing

Content writing ensures consistency in messaging and promotes the uniqueness of LTU in creative and engaging ways. It is the hub of storytelling and encompasses the verbiage for ads, magazines, announcements, articles, letters, proofreading, and more!

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LTU Magazines provide an insight into the exceptional work that is actively being done by LTU colleges, students, staff, and faculty. The magazines follow an established set of templates with stories and highlights that emphasize the mission, vision, and goals of the university in various ways.

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Media Relations

Media relations provides updates of University achievements and activities through news releases and announcements. The voice of the University, media relations is the primary point of contact for journalists covering LTU.


Photography + Videography

Let us share your story! Video and photography engage audiences and encourage social media likes, shares, and conversions to build brand awareness.

Social Media

Social media encompasses every part of Lawrence Technological University. From academics, to athletics, to alumni, we provide an experience through the power of storytelling with images, video, and text.

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Yellow Flag reviews and approves the use of the University’s name and all identifying logos and graphics to ensure the symbols, marks, and images are used in accordance with brand standards.

Marketing Events

On or Off Campus, it is important the LTU Brand is represented at a variety of events. Yellow Flag will ensure the University stands out in engaging ways with the focus of bringing "Theory and Practice" to life.

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The website is an important tool in sharing information about LTU. The look and feel of the website is designed to help provide consistent messaging and branding. The content is curated in partnership with the LTU community to provide all aspects of needed information.