preferred typefaces


Three type families are approved for use in Lawrence Tech publications: Times Roman, Helvetica, and Myriad.

The primary fonts selected by the University for all publication and advertising applications are the Times Roman family and the Helvetica Condensed family. (See examples.)

Times Roman
Times Roman is intended for text intensive applications, such as catalogues, newsletters, and marketing brochures. Times Roman is not recommended for captions, and should never be reversed out of a dark background any smaller than 8 pt.

Myriad is recommended as the secondary font for advertising and publication use. It is recommended for captions.

The Helvetica family may be used for optional headline and special applications. It is recommended that Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Extra Bold be used as an optional font and should only be used for headlines, subheads, or special applications. Listings and short column settings can be set in Helvetica Condensed. Condensed type takes up less space, resulting in a cleaner appearance than a noncondensed font.

Additional Fonts
Additional fonts may be used for special applications. Any designs diverting from the recommended fonts must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs.


justifications + text typeTypographic Specifications
Type should be set flush left and ragged right, set in upper- and lowercase letters. Justified, centered, or flush right type is not recommended. Hyphenation is acceptable for body copy only, but should be kept to a minimum. All uppercase type may be used for heads and subheads, but never in body copy. Signify importance by using bold upper- and lowercase rather than all uppercase type. However, use bold sparingly in body copy.

Text Type, Size, and Weights
Most body copy should be set in Times Roman. Text size, of course, varies with the application. Generally 10 pt. type with 12 pt. of leading is optimal for most publications, but 9 pt. with 11 pt. of leading is also acceptable.

Helvetica Condensed Regular may also be used for body copy. Preferred for most publications is 9 pt. type with 11 pt. of leading, but 10 pt. type with 12 pt. of leading is also acceptable. However, Helvetica Condensed has more height than the Times family when typeset so a smaller point size of 9 pt. is recommended for text-laden pages.

Italics should be limited to quotations, heads, subheads, captions, and highlighted text within the body copy. Italic captions and quotes should contrast against the text in weight. Call-outs or titles that appear in text copy should match the text size and weight being used.

Paragraphs are indicated with a four-space indent. A full line space to indicate a paragraph is not recommended.

One space — not two — should appear between sentences