Primary Logos

Primary Logos 

The first primary logo has two parts: the Lawrence Tech logotype and the shield. The Lawrence Tech logotype is a customized Interstate typeface. The shield is a version of the shield that appears in the center of the Lawrence Tech seal.

The second primary logo has three parts: the Lawrence Tech logotype, the shield, and the tagline Possible is everything. The typeface of the tagline is Myriad Roman. 

In publications, the logo should not be used smaller than 1.25" across. 

When the logo is used as part of the return address, it should include the tagline Possible is everything. On an envelope, the logo should be 1.25" across. On a postcard, the logo should be 1" across. The contact information included in the return address must be in the same font (Myriad Roman) and point size as the tagline, and be aligned with the tagline with one line space separating them. The website address should appear below the address with one half line space between them. 

When the logo is used on the Web, both the shield and tagline are dropped. 

Use only the officially prepared logos. Re-creation of the logo should never be attempted by a third party; all logo files should originate with the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs. 

The registered trademark symbol must be used with all forms of the University logotype. 

In the instances when a college name is incorporated into the logo, the tagline is dropped and the name of the college, without the words “College of,” is inserted into the same space and in the same size type. 

Requests for logo files should be directed to the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs ( or 248.204.2208) and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 



Primary Colors 

The traditional colors of Lawrence Tech are blue [Pantone Matching System (PMS) 300] and white.

In four-color printing, the CMYK approximation of PMS 300 is used.

The logo is never to appear in any other colors except for PMS 300, black, or reversed out of a block of color or a photo.

Primary Colors