The current incarnation of "Blue," Lawrence Tech's Blue Devil mascot, was developed in 2010 by University Art Director Sofia Lulgjuraj with assistance from members of the Student Government and submission of student ideas and drawings.

LTU Blue Devils

He is depicted in both a sly and mischievous pose for use on athletic wear and for student activity and admissions purposes. The most recent costumed live action mascot debuted in 2017. Requests for “Blue” files should be directed to the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs at or 248.204.2208.

Lawrence Tech’s Blue Devil mascot

Lawrence Tech’s athletic nickname, the Blue Devils, was selected in 1935, the result of a spirited competition led by the student newspaper. Lawrence Tech’s Blue Devil is without religious connotation and some early references stated that blue devils were “good” devils. The Blue Devil as a collegiate mascot is relatively rare nationally, although Duke University chose a similar mascot the decade before, honoring the courageous World War I French infantry contingent, the Chasseurs Alpins, nicknamed “les Diables Bleus.”

Units of the French Blue Devils in their distinctive blue uniform with flowing cape and jaunty beret sparked public imagination touring the United States to raise money for the war effort. Irving Berlin captured their spirit in song, describing them as “strong and active, most attractive... those Devils, the Blue Devils of France.”

It cannot be stated with certainty whether Lawrence Tech’s adoption of the Blue Devil mascot came about through the previous selection of its blue and white colors, or was modeled on Duke’s use of the name, the French troops, or some other factor. The name was particularly prominent when Lawrence Tech fielded nationally ranked basketball teams in the 1940s and 1950s, and is enjoying renewed popularity thanks to Lawrence Tech’s reentry into NAIA athletics in 2011.