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Do you have questions about social media best practices? How to use LTU’s logo? Whether or not to capitalize the “U” in university? MPA’s guides will help you.

Link to the Brand Guidelines pdf

These guidelines help establish a foundation for building LTU’s brand recognition. Click here to see how to use brand elements to create a clear, consistent, cohesive, and well-designed message.

Link to the editorial Guidelines pdf

Language is powerful. Learn more about how to use it consistently and accurately. Check out the Editorial Style Guide to see LTU’s approved style.

Link to the Social Media Guidelines pdf

Social media by its nature is current and timely. This means it is important to be vigilant about what you put out into the world. These guidelines provide a roadmap for how to create LTU messaging that is respectful, honest, and authentic.

Link to the Web Guidelines pdf

The website is one of the most important ways people find out about LTU. View the rules that share key principles for optimal user experience, style, and brand consistency.

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