The Nonprofit Management Course
What Students Say...


"If community, family or the world you live in are at all important to you, then you must take this course."
Tramale K. Turner


"Great course! Definitely touched my soft side! I can see the enthusiasm and spirit. Amazing!"
Christina Maniko


"You will learn to seek funding as a nonprofit organization and start paperwork for our own business."
Regina Scott


"Subject matter experts at your fingertips! Education and training can help increase accountability."
Natalie Binion


"It's the first course I have ever taken where everyone in the class wanted to be there."
DeLonda Browner


"#1 - It opened the door and stimulated my mind. #2 - Even nonprofit entities need a profit to survive."
Kornn Hamilton-Moore


"It was a great experience learning in nonprofit organization sectors."
Nootsara Nonpala