Course Name CRN Course Instructor Day Room Time
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3877 ACC5003 Zhang Tues M211 5:45-8:25
Managerial Accounting 3801 ACC6003 Tuo OL    
Managerial Economics 4897 ECN5011T Browne OL    
Fundamentals of Macro Economics 4898 ECN5021T Browne OL    
Global Business Economics 4984 ECN6023 Marx Thurs M210 5:45-8:25
Business Application Programming 3822 INT5024 Grembi Thurs M218 5:45-9:20
Enterprise Information Technology 3772 INT6043-01 Hsiao Tues M336 5:45-8:25
Enterprise Information Technology 3917 INT6043-02 Motaghi OL    
Database Modeling and Administration 3773 INT6113 Kohnke Wed M218 5:45-8:25
Systems Analysis and Design 3774 INT6123 Kohnke Thurs M336 5:45-8:25
Enterprise IT Infrastructure 4351 INT6143 Caushaj OL    
Emerging Technologies 4135 INT7213 Mach OL    
Enterprise Systems Security 4136 INT7223 Caushaj Tues M213 5:45-8:25
Disaster Recovery 4137 INT7243 Dillard Mon M336 5:45-8:25
Visual Analytics 4441 INT7253-01 Ku Tues M218 5:45-8:25
Visual Analytics 5182 INT7253-02 Ku Mon M107 5:45-8:25
Information Technology Integration 4894 INT7593-01 Caushaj Wed M213 5:45-8:25
Information Technology Integration 3797 INT7593-02 Caushaj OL    
Bus App Statistical Analysis 3778 MBA5013 Cole OL    
Legal Environment of Business 4899 MBA5061T Evans OL    
Financial Management 4895 MBA6003 Tsebro Thurs M217 5:45-8:25
Corporate Finance 3782 MBA6033 Zhang Mon M311 5:45-8:25
Global Leadership 3785 MBA6043 Castelli Mon M213 5:45-8:25
Strategic Marketing Management 3788 MBA6053-01 Zhu Wed M208 5:45-8:25
Strategic Marketing Management 4896 MBA6053-02 Zhu OL    
Operations & Supply Chain Management 3799 MBA6063-02 Paryani OL    
Global Strategic Management 3790 MBA6073 Marx Tues M209 5:45-8:25
Investment Management 4887 MBA7003 Zhang Wed M210 5:45-8:25
Managing a Global Workforce 4443 MBA7053 Castelli Tues M208 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3855 MBA7063-01 Johnson Wed M336 5:45-8:25
Project Management 3856 MBA7063-02 Allen OL    
Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior 4888 MBA7083 Verma Thurs M208 5:45-8:25
Project Risk and Quality Management 5029 MBA7173 Allen OL    
Directed Practical Training 3861 MGT6231 Jena TBA   TBA
Directed Practical Training 3862 MIS6231 Jena TBA   TBA

Masters Programs - Off Campus

Course Name CRN Course Intructor Day Campus Time
Global Strategic Management 5208 MBA6073 Marx Tues/Thurs SSCF 9:00-1:00
Operations and Supply Chain Management 4792 MBA6063 Paryani Wed MI Tech Center 4:30-7:10
Enterprise Information Technology 4985 INT6043 Motaghi Sat/Sun Toronto 9:00-4:00

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