David Egleston

Assistant Professor

Department of Management and Marketing
Buell Building, M308A




Research Interests:

Dr. Egleston is actively studying interrole conflict (for example, conflict between work and family). He is identifying strategies that people employ to avoid interrole conflict. Future research in this area will include training these strategies to young workers to mitigate the adverse effects of interrole conflict on employees, the organizations for which they work and the employees' families.

Dr. Egleston is also interested in studying  work teams. His interests include the interaction between the various personalities and how it affects team cohesion and team performance. He is also interested in the development of leadership in teams.

Dr. Egleston's other major area of interest is leadership. He is exploring boundary conditions for transformational leadership. For example, transformational leadership includes empowering employees. However, empowerment may not be equally effective for all types of jobs. There may be positions for which raising employees' expectations about their participation in job design creates conflict rather than improves work conditions.



Dr. Egleston has taught a wide range of courses including human resource management, business statistics, economics, research methods, psychology and leadership at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He believes that students have a strong desire to learn and will perform to the level of the instructor's expectations so long as they are clearly stated.

Dr. Egleston believes in providing prompt feedback to students on assignments and assessments. Although his standards are high, he is available to assist students to ensure they can succeed in class.



2008 - Ph.D., Kansas State University, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

2008 - MBA, Kansas State University, Human Resource Management

1998 - BA, University of Maryland University College, Psychology

1996 - BA, University of Maryland University College, Business Management


Work Experience:

Dr. Egleston has held numerous positions including four years in the US Army, four years conducting research on personality factors that contribute to automobile crashes, and three years in the human resources department of the Sheraton Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Egleston's academic experience includes time as an assistant professor, an academic advisor and a program evaluator.