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Globalization of the world economy is re-defining and re-prioritizing the qualities, characteristics and requirements for effective leadership in the 21st Century. Tomorrow's leaders in business, politics and society must be prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges they will confront in the new, global economy.

Globalization compounds the complexity of leadership and the demands upon tomorrow's leaders. The issues facing global leaders are increasingly varied and multi-dimensional, globally interdependent, ambiguous and dynamic.

Tomorrow's leaders must think globally, appreciate cultural diversity, create global alliances; utilize advanced technology from around the world, share leadership responsibilities, meet the demands of global citizenship, and develop future global leaders.

The vision of the Center is to be the regional leader in leadership research and education.

The Center rests upon a solid foundation of leadership education at Lawrence Technical University. The "Leaders in the Making" program at Lawrence Tech provides the most comprehensive leadership training and experience for undergraduate students outside the United States military academies.

The College of Management offers a unique masters degree in global leadership for civilian leaders in the United States military - the Senior Service College Fellowship Program. This is one of only a few such programs in the nation, and the only one in the state of Michigan.



Educational Programs

  • Degree program in global leadership - masters degree programs focused on developing the knowledge and skills required for effective global leadership.
  • Conference series on global leadership -series of conferences highlighting divergent cultural, ethical and institutional perspectives on global leadership.
  • Continuing (non-credit) education program in global leadership - evening non-credit programs for organizations and individuals interested in learning more about the global economy and its implications for society , business and leadership.
  • Workshop series  - series of one-day workshops for business organizations and individuals transacting business in foreign countries.

Research Programs

  • Leadership curriculum - research focused on developing the most effective business curriculum for preparing tomorrow's leaders for the global economy of the 21st century.
  • Leadership studies - faculty and student research focused on the many dimensions and impacts of globalization and effective global leadership.
  • Research journal - in-house journal for the publication of original research by faculty, invited scholars and students; commentary on current issues; book and article reviews; and interviews with prominent global leaders.

Outreach Programs

  • Internship program - develop internships that benefit the student and the organization. Students gain valuable experience working on global issues while the organization obtains the leading-edge knowledge and skills possessed by tomorrow's leaders.  
  • Regional partnerships - partnerships and alliances with regional business, economic and civil organizations concerned with the theory and practice of leadership to promote dialogue, information exchange, and cooperative programs and events.


For more information about the Center for Leadership contact Director, Dr. Tom Marx at tmarx@ltu.edu.