Accelerate Your Career with CareerLeader

is the leading self-assessment program for business people.  CareerLeader  assesses your unique pattern of business-related interests, motivators, and abilities—three critical variables in finding the right career path—and makes specific recommendations of business careers and corporate cultures to explore.  It also features information about your entrepreneurial attributes and about using the assessment to identify and correct for your career “Achilles’ Heels.”  CareerLeader  is an interactive, online program which takes full advantage of the internet, allowing you to work at your own pace and on your own time.  All of your results are 100% confidential, and both your satisfaction and privacy are guaranteed.

Used by over 200,000 working professionals and business students at over 550 universities and organizations worldwide since it was released on the Internet in 1998, CareerLeader has a proven track record.  The program was developed and is regularly updated by Dr. Timothy Butler, Director of Career Development at the Harvard Business School, and Dr. James Waldroop, his associate at Harvard for 18 years.

 CareerLeader differs from other tests because it:

  1. Is all about business
  2. Assesses all 3 elements of who you are  the most important in making a career choice:  your interests, values and abilities
  3. Provides in-depth looks in to what the business world has to offer,  allowing you to determine how well you fit into each of the career paths profiled

If you are a currently enrolled Lawrence Tech Student please email the Office of Career Services for your username and password, then login with the link below.

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